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How do I donate?


Simply use the search function to search for the student profiles you are interested in.  Click on a profile and then click on the large Donate button at the top of the profile.  You can then make a direct donation to them through PayPal’s easy to use and secure interface.  It's fast and simple!



Why should I donate?


Ah, the hardest question for any non-profit organization to answer.  Donations are of course personal but some reasons are: 

  1. You are helping a student gain a higher education and further their dreams.
  2. You’re an awesomely generous and good person ( did we forget to mention you are extremely attractive as well).
  3. Karma points!
  4. Helping, even in small amounts, toward enabling higher education is one of the noblest causes out there.



Is my donation tax deductible?


The short answer is no, not right now.  However, we have filed for 501c3 status with the IRS and when it is approved any donations made through this site will become tax deductible. Watch this space to find out when we achieve 501c3 status!



What are typical donation amounts?


You are free to donate any amount you wish but we advise at least $15 for a donation.  Typical donations are  $25.



Does StudentDonate take a piece of my donation?


No, we do not take any amount from your donation.  However, our payment processor Paypal does take a small percentage of the transaction. The rest goes directly to the student.





How do I collect my donations?


You will need a paypal account to register and accept donations. Once that’s accomplished simply login to Paypal and select how you want them to send you your money.



Why should I join?


Free money to help buy textbooks, pay back loans, etc.  Enough said!



How much can I expect to receive?


Entirely depends on how good your profile is and how much you market it.  We give you the platform, its up to you to get the word out.  This can be to your facebook friends, university alumni you meet, family, friends, fools – you get the idea.



How much does it cost to join?


StudentDonate is currently free to join!


Who can join?


Any current college student in the list of schools we are currently serving.  The list is slowly growing as we expand.  Want your school on the list?  Shoot an email from your school email address to saying so.